Following its acquisition of Palm last year, HP announced plans to use webOS in a wide variety of devices, continuing the development of Palm's smartphone line, but also starting work on new slate PCs and netbooks powered by the mobile operating system. We haven't heard much from them since then in terms of specific devices and their planned tablets were notably absent from CES, but it looks like HP's webOS-based product range is set to expand soon.

The hint comes via a recently leaked HP carrier training website which speaks of a product family consisting of tablet, smartphone, and netbook, all running the same platform and "speaking" to each other. So far we had heard some chatter about upcoming smartphones and tablets, but perhaps we'll see all three product lines unveiled at the February 9 webOS event in San Francisco that HP has scheduled.

Whatever they chose to unveil it will most likely be centered on webOS 2.0, which expands on the well regarded but still floundering platform's feature set with stuff like Stacks, JustType, Skype and Facebook support, as well as Flash 10.1 beta support in the browser and what HP touts as "true multitasking".