HP is planning on delivering at least four more webOS 2.0 devices. Last week, the homebrew group WebOS Internals dug through the webOS Doctor (the ROM image for restoring a webOS device) and found five codenames: Broadway, Windsor, Mantaray, Stingray, and Roadrunner, according to (via PreCentral). The last one is none other than the Palm Pre 2 but the other four could be anything: smartphones, tablets, or something else entirely (but don't count on it).

Moreover, the five codenames are mentioned so as to display the message "temporarily not restoring logs for newer devices," meaning these are all quite new devices. Here is the code in question:

if ((machineType.contentEquals("broadway")) || (machineType.contentEquals("windsor")) || (machineType.contentEquals("mantaray")) || (machineType.contentEquals("stingray")) || (machineType.contentEquals("roadrunner"))) { this.flasherLogger.logPrintln("temporarily not restoring logs for newer devices");

HP officially introduced webOS 2.0, the most significant update to the platform since its launch in 2009, last month. Version 2.0 of the mobile OS features Stacks, JustType, as well as Skype and Facebook support. HP also touts "true multitasking," which means you never have to close an app to do something else, and Flash 10.1 beta support in the browser. HP acquired Palm for $1.2 billion three months ago and promised new phones would arrive in early 2011.