Microsoft has released OneNote Mobile for iPhone. The app is available for free on the iTunes App Store for a limited time, and the software giant wouldn't say how long it would keep it gratis.

Just like OneNote on Windows Phone 7, OneNote Mobile for iPhone gives people the tools to quickly capture ideas, update lists, and stay organized while on the go. Microsoft called OneNote "today's digital notebook and filing system for everything from brilliant ideas to mundane tasks." All inputted data is backed up online and synced to Windows Live SkyDrive, meaning you can always access your notes online via Office Web Apps, as well as Office on your desktop or your smartphone.

OneNote Mobile for iPhone is part of Microsoft's strategy to meet the mobile needs of the 750 million people worldwide who use Microsoft Office every day. Unfortunately, in the process the company is reducing the reasons to purchase a Windows Phone 7 device.

"People who use OneNote often wonder how they ever lived without it," a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement. "It gets some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any app. For me, OneNote is where I collect and organize notes, ideas, links to websites and pictures. It can also capture handwriting, audio recordings and video clips. From my PC, the easy-to-search format means any of these tidbits of information are always at hand. Online or on my phone, my lists are always up to date and accessible for reference. Now iPhone users can have many of the same advantages as their Windows Phone counterparts."