Why has EA bought the domain CampaignforPCGaming.com? Electronic Arts has a somewhat mixed record when it comes to PC gaming. On the one hand it has released a number of well known exclusive PC game titles such as The Sims, Spore, and others. It's also releasing C free-to-play games like Battlefield Heroes and the upcoming Battlefield Play4Free game. On the other hand it tends to treat the PC like a second class game platform... Big Download

60% of AOL's profits come from misinformed customers Ken Auletta's big New Yorker piece on AOL (subscription only) this week revealed an interesting detail about the company's inner workings. According to Auletta, 80% of AOL's profits come from subscribers, and 75% of those subscribers are paying for something they don't actually need. The Huffington Post

What happens when the CD factory closes? PITMAN, N.J.-- In this corner of the music universe, you won't find many limousines, groupies, or people lighting guitars on fire. While the public often associates the music business with jet-setting rock stars and lavish living, this place is marked by minivans, Phillies and Eagles fans, and, very soon, people without work. CNET

Ballmer to Hu: 90% of Microsoft customers in China using pirated software While Chinese President Hu Jintao knew he'd face some tough questions when he came to the United States this week, he probably figured most of them would come from Barack Obama and members of Congress. But you can add Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to that list. Network World

Graphene won't replace silicon in CPUs, says IBM It appears that silicon will see another day. In an about-face move, IBM has revealed that graphene can't fully replace silicon inside CPUs reports Bit-tech, a UK-based hardware enthusiast site. The reason? A graphene transistor can't actually be completely switched off. ZDNet

Firing Points: Rage Quitting I love me some Left 4 Dead 2, but it can be hard to get a good game going because people give up so easily. If your whole team makes it to the end of Dead Center as Survivors, and then you Charge somebody out a window as Infected, they're probably going to rage quit. Firing Squad