Google Cloud Print allows printing from any app on any device, operating system, or browser without the need to install any software, or so Google claims (see below). The service, which just launched as a beta, lets you send documents to any Internet-connected printer anywhere in the world. The beta is available for mobile documents and Gmail for mobile, and will be rolling out in US English over the next few days.

To get started, you'll need to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print, which currently requires a Windows PC, although Google says that Mac and Linux support are coming soon. Next, you'll need a device running Android 2.1+ or iOS 3+ with which to navigate to Google Docs or Gmail. Once there, open a document and choose Print from the dropdown menu in the top right corner (in Gmail, you can also print certain e-mail attachments by clicking the Print link that appears next to them).

The feature was revealed for Google Docs two months ago, was originally announced back in April 2010, and is now finally ready for mass consumption. The question is, will you use it?