The Alienware M11x caught some negative press last year after owners began complaining about the pint-sized gaming notebook's hinges. Many customers say the hinges deteriorate quickly with regular use and according to Notebook Review, the issue stems from misaligned hinges. This causes various undesirable effects and eventually leads to the hinge dislocating, cracking or snapping.

Dell acknowledged the issue in a forum post last November, saying it had "engaged the relevant internal teams." Unfortunately, the company hasn't been quick to address the matter, but it seems an official solution is expected later this year. In a recent post on the Dell community forums, an employee said the company is preparing to launch an "M11x-R1/R2 Hinge fix program" around March.

Dell says that timeframe isn't set in stone as it's dependent on a third-party vendor. When the program does eventually kick off, the company will replace all faulty hinges regardless of the system's warranty expiration. Although Dell's response time could've been faster, it's nice to know that a free repair is inbound. If you can't wait, Notebook Review users have devised their own DIY fixes.