Sony had quite a few announcements to make at a media event yesterday in Japan. Although the recently unearthed Sony promised to have a full range of high-profile game titles from the start, including Little Big Planet, Resistance, Wipeout and Uncharted. These games will come on "a small flash memory based card," according to Sony, although downloadable PSP titles will still be supported. The company also noted that Activision's Call of Duty series would eventually reach the platform while Konami touted Metal Gear Solid 4 and Epic Games showed an Unreal Engine demo.

The company also unveiled a cross-platform software framework called PlayStation Suite, which will run on Android phones and tablets in addition to the NGP. Sony's starting with an emulator for existing PSOne titles and is promising an Android game store later on for PlayStation-certified titles from small and top-tier developers.

Unfortunately no pricing or availability details were announced, besides "end of the year 2011" in Japan for the NGP. In other words, it's still a long way off but Sony is hoping to build some hype ahead of the Nintendo 3DS launch. Hopefully we'll get a few more details at the Game Developers Conference next month and E3 in June.