Looking to steal some attention away from the much-publicized Verizon iPhone launch, T-Mobile has announced that it will offer all of its phones for free on February 11 and 12 -- as long as you sign a new two-year contract, of course. The offer includes around 30 different devices from a number of manufacturers, from so-called 4G models such as the Android-equipped HSPA+ myTouch 4G and G2, to the Samsung Vibrant and the Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7.

The deal will be available on T-Mobile stores for both new and existing customers and some devices will require a mail-in rebate. Keep in mind that Mobile World Congress is just around the corner, so if you must get only the latest and greatest you might want to hold off -- we know the Vibrant 4G is coming to T-Mobile and a few other devices should hit other carriers as well. Still, this will certainly be the cheapest way to get a high-end smartphone for a while.