The Chinese government has denied any involvement in a recently reported cyberattack against the Canadian government. This is despite the fact that the hacking was ultimately traced to Chinese servers, according to ComputerWorld:

The Chinese government is firmly opposed to hacking and other criminal acts, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said at a press conference Thursday. China is also a victim of computer hacking, he said. "The allegation that China supports hacking is groundless," he said.

Chinese hackers were accused of gaining access to an abundance of highly classified federal information from the Canadian government. The attack, first detected last month, was initially mentioned by the government as an attempt to access their computers. The hackers were, however, successful in their attempts. Canada's two major economic departments, the Finance Department and the Treasury Board, were the main victims of the attack.

We're not too surprised that China has denied the hacks. The country has never admitted to doing anything negative in the past. It doesn't really matter if this is the truth or a lie; chances are that if the Chinese government is responsible, only a few people are aware of it, and the actual hacking was probably outsourced anyway. What do you think?