Remember Sony's 16.41MP phone camera from five months ago? Don't bother, as the electronics giant has already announced it has developed a small 17.7MP camera sensor that is harder, better, faster, stronger than earlier technology, according to Nikkei.

The technology can process several pixels' input in parallel and takes up to 75 percent less time to generate the final image. The CMOS-based Exmor sensor has a bandwidth of 34.8Gbps, making it about five times faster than a typical phone camera. The camera can shoot video at its maximum resolution at up to 120FPS if the device processor and storage can handle the footage. Furthermore, it reportedly doesn't drain extra battery power with the speed boost because power consumption has been kept low thanks to a revamp in the circuit design.

Although Sony hasn't given a release timeframe for the sensor, it did say it plans to use it both in phones and in its point-and-shoot Cyber-shot cameras. It's important to remember that the company is the most prolific camera sensor manufacturer in the world. In other words, we may see the sensor in non-Sony products as well.