According to a report from Xbitlabs citing industry sources, AMD has finalized shipping schedules for its forthcoming Bulldozer and Llano APUs. As rumored, the company will abandon its Sempron, Athlon and Phenom processor brand names with newer products, and as such Bulldozer will become the high-end FX-series, while Llano will carry the A-Series moniker. The first should arrive in the week of June 20, followed by mainstream Llano parts in the week of July 4.

The initial lineup is expected to comprise eight models – four eight-core FX8000 series chips, two six-core FX6000 series, and two quad-core FX4000 series CPUs. Unfortunately, their clocks and prices have not been revealed but AMD has previously claimed that Bulldozer will offer around a 50% performance boost over its existing Phenom II line.

From the Llano front will be a total of 11 A-Series APUs in quad and dual core varieties featuring DirectX 11 graphics. Of course, AMD hasn't officially shared this information so it is bound to change and should be taken with a pinch of salt. That said, the company has previously suggested a "Q2 2011" release for Bulldozer and "Summer" for Llano.