The hackers collectively known as "Anonymous" have struck again, this time targeting the website of Broadcast Music Incorporated. The group reportedly forced offline with a large DDoS attack last night. Although the site remains inaccessible as of writing, BMI said it should be up soon and noted that the attack hasn't affected its operations. The firm also made it clear that its security wasn't breached, so no sensitive data has been compromised.

"We believe that this attack is part of their misguided campaign to attack creative rights," the organization said of Anonymous, who has accused BMI of stifling innovation. "Too long have the music and cinema industries, among others, abused copyright for their own gain," said Anonymous. "Legislation serves to protect artists not the companies managing them and should never attempt to prevent the spread of creativity to the general public."

The latest strike follows a month after Anonymous hacked security firm HBGary Federal and published 50,000 company emails in addition to other humiliating assaults. That attack prompted CEO Aaron Barr to resign and caused several firms to cut ties with HBGary. Anonymous has attacked various other sites belonging to MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, the Church of Scientology, the Westboro Baptist Church and the governments of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Iran.