More information is slowly starting to surface regarding AMD's upcoming Llano and Zambezi processors. Following last week's reveal of the expected initial lineup and ship dates, X-bit labs has apparently gotten hold of an AMD slide filled with model specifications and other details. According to the site, the FX-series will initially be comprised of four chips (instead of eight as previously suggested): the four-core FX-4110, the six-core FX-6110, and the eight-core FX-8110 and FX-8130P. All four would be available as 'Black Edition' parts with an unlocked core multiplier for easier overclocking.

Four additional Bulldozer-based FX chips are expected further down the road featuring an incremental bump in performance. All of them will support dual-channel DDR3 1866MHz memory, Turbo Core, will be compatible with AM3+ motherboards and will have 95W TDP ratings, with the exception of the flagship FX-8130P model which boosts the power draw to 125W. They will also include "up to" 8MB of L3 cache memory along with 1MB of L2 cache per core.

Unfortunately there are still no specific details regarding price and clock speeds, but performance-wise, it seems AMD FX-81x0 processors will be pitched as competitors to Intel's Core i7-26xx chips -- the top players of the Sandy Bridge family -- while six and quad-core Zambezi APUs will go up against Sandy Bridge-based Core i5 and Core i3 chips. AMD estimates total system pricing for computers carrying their high-end Zambezi chips to be $700 and up.

Moving down the price ladder, AMD's product positioning slides show the company is reading four A8-3000-series Llano accelerating processing units to compete with Sandy Bridge-based Core i3s and Pentium CPUs. These will fit into the mainstream $600 - $700 range -- again, this is the total system price -- while the currently available E-series chips part of the Brazos platform battle it out with Intel's Celeron (and Atom) in the $400 price point.

The images posted above were obtained by Nordic Hardware and are supposedly the finished box art for the upcoming FX processors. Overall the branding used resembles AMD's popular Radeon series and seems to confirm four and eight-core "Black Edition" models, but box art for the alleged six-core model has yet to be seen.