Google has acquired Green Parrot Pictures, an Irish digital video technology company that makes tools to manipulate both video and images. The search giant will integrate Green Parrot Pictures' tools, which helps make videos look better, reduce required bandwidth, and improve playback speed, into YouTube. Details of the deal with the six-year-old company were not disclosed.

Many of YouTube's videos are shot using low-quality mobile phones and video cameras. Google went shopping for a technology that could improve the quality of such videos by sharpening the image, reducing visual noise, and rendering a higher-quality video. This improvement process will occur while your video is still being uploaded to the site.

"We're excited to announce that Green Parrot Pictures has been acquired by Google," a Green Parrot Pictures spokesperson said in a statement. "We've enjoyed collaborating with organizations in the film industry as well as our clients, and we'd like to thank everyone for their generous support. As the number of video creators worldwide and the richness of their video increases, demand for our technology has grown across multiple platforms. We're excited to join Google, where we will apply our expertise to improve the online video experience for hundreds of millions of users worldwide on many different products, platforms, and services."