Google Chrome will be getting a new logo in the next version. Those on the dev branch are already seeing it in version 11.0.696.12 dev.

Last week, the good old guys at the Polish forum FrazPC provided a comparison screenshot between the old and new logos for Chrome. They also got their hands on a comparison that showed Chromium would also be getting a new logo.

If you look closely, however, the new Chrome logo is actually slightly different in Chrome 11 when compared to what the Polish guys found. Clearly Google was still making changes when the comparisons were leaked.

Either way, I can't figure out whether I like the new logo or not. On the one hand, I was a big fan of the old 3D logo. On the other hand, the new 2D one seems much cleaner, and could go well with the perception of the browser.

I never realized how often I see Chrome's new logo: every time I hit Alt+Tab, it pops out at me. What do you think of the new logos for Chrome and Chromium?