RSA says hack won't allow "direct attack" on SecureID tokens Security firm RSA has been the victim of an "extremely sophisticated" attack that has resulted in exfiltration of certain private information, announced Executive Chairman Art Coviello in an open letter published yesterday. The company also filed a note with the SEC, warning of possible risks due to the attack. Since 2006, RSA has been part of EMC. Ars Technica

'Pruned' microchips are leaner and meaner If you had to use a commuting bicycle in a race, you would probably set about removing the kickstand, fenders, racks and lights to make the thing as fast and efficient as possible. When engineers at Houston's Rice University are developing small, fast, energy-efficient chips for use in devices like hearing aids, it turns out they do pretty much the same thing. Gizmag

AMD preparing 3.7GHz Phenom II X4 980 New details about AMD's roadmap continues to come. According to information we receive, AMD, Bulldozer processors in addition to the existing product range will continue to update. Quad-core 3.6GHz processor family as the fastest model running at 975 Black Edition model, the agenda, the AMD Phenom X4, 3.7GHz, running at 980 Phenom X4 Black Edition model also prepared. DonanımHaber (translated)

AT&T shames unauthorized phone tetherers, gives ultimatum AT&T has begun cracking down on smartphone customers---particularly iPhone users---who have been secretly tethering their smartphones to their laptops without paying for a tethering plan. The company sent text messages to the offending users, followed up with an e-mail, that says they've been identified as taking advantage the feature without paying up. Ars Technica

Dell offers unlocked Streak for $99 with purchase of a new PC Dell's Streak 5 tabletphone hasn't held our interest much lately, even with Android 2.2 on board, but Dell's got a new deal that may be too good to pass up. Engadget

Analysis: Is Anonymous a real political movement or a lame gag? The mysterious hackers of Anonymous have been more busy than usual this week. But are they a legitimate movement or a bad joke? TGDaily

Radiation dose chart This is a chart of the ionizing radiation doze a person can absorb from various sources. xkcd

Widespread freezing issue with 17-inch MacBook Pro 2011? Apple forum

"Mario" - SXSW 2011 Film Bumper YouTube (embedded below)