Weekend tech reading: RSA's SecurID hacked

Matthew DeCarlo

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RSA says hack won't allow "direct attack" on SecureID tokens Security firm RSA has been the victim of an "extremely sophisticated" attack that has resulted in exfiltration of certain private information, announced Executive Chairman Art Coviello in an open letter published yesterday. The company also filed a note with the SEC, warning of possible risks due to the attack. Since 2006, RSA has been part of EMC. Ars Technica

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I'm curios as to how AT&T can definitively know the difference between someone that's tethering, and someone that uses their smartphone more like a computer. I personally use my EVO to browse full websites, I rarely use mobile browser versions. Not to mention I have done some very large file downloads using phone, like 100mb plus. I know the tethering app I use is running NAT, so it shows as just my phone to sprint. I guess there is certain things your pc will access a phone will not. Such as a windows machine accessing Microsoft for automatic updates, I don't recall what the sub domain is but could be tracked. With this said is there something I'm missing, or is AT&T really monitoring traffic in that kinda detail?