NZXT has unleashed a new desktop computer chassis for enthusiasts who demand a little peace and quiet. The company's H2 mid-tower chassis is said to feature advanced noise dampening technology that reduces annoying hums, clicks and whirls. Despite muffling your system's chatter, NXZT says the H2 maintains enough airflow to keep your high-end components cool.

Besides a layer of "premium" noise dampening foam, the enclosure has a magnetic fan cover on top of the 140mm fan which provides another element of silence, but can be removed if you need the extra cooling capacity. The case also ships with a fan controller that lets you set speeds at 40%, 70% and 100%. There's also talk of "wireless touch-powered" fan compartments.

Although the H2's product page lists the touch-powered fans as the top feature, the company doesn't elaborate on how they work. After skimming through the pictures, it looks like each fan is in a removable housing that provides a standard 3-pin power connector. That housing is mounted in dock of sorts on the chassis which provides power courtesy of the fan controller.

This introduces another point of failure, but assuming it works properly the design means you won't have to fish around in your chasses for fan wires – a seemingly favorable tradeoff. Other key features include a hot swappable SATA HDD dock, tool-less drive bays, USB 3.0 connectivity, and support for up to 31cm GPUs by removing an HDD cage. The H2 is available now for $99.