Duke Nukem Forever, the game that became infamous for being delayed indefinitely, has been pushed back once again. I know what you're thinking: no, this is not an early April Fools' joke. Sure, it's hilarious, but at the same time it's pretty sad.

Two months ago, the game got yet another set of release dates: it was supposed to arrive on May 3, 2011 in North America and May 6, 2011 in the rest of the world. Now, it's apparently coming on June 14 in North America, and on June 10 in the rest of the world. No, that's not a typo, unless Gearbox is just messing with us:

Gamers have waited over a decade to play the official sequel to Duke Nukem. The title was originally announced by 3D Realms in 1997. The project experienced all types of problems, however, and it was passed over to Triptych Games and Gearbox Software in 2009, with multiplayer components provided by Piranha Games.

Half a year ago, Gearbox confirmed that development on the title was being completed. Given how long the game had been in such a state (some 14 years), there were still many skeptics. Then the game was demoed live, but many would still not believe.

Millions refuse to get their hopes up until the game is in their hands. Be honest: do you really think Duke Nukem Forever will ship in three months?