Not long after launching the Radeon HD 6790 for the mainstream market, AMD is ready with a new offering, this time aimed at users looking to upgrade from integrated graphics solutions or build a HTPC with a sub-$60 card. The new Radeon HD 6450 shares many of the same features as its higher-end counterparts in the Radeon HD 6000 family, but the 'Caicos' GPU used on this card is pared down significantly to reduce cost and power requirements.

It features 160 stream processors along with eight texture units, four ROPs and a 64-bit memory bus. There will be two different variants of the new Radeon: one with 1GB of GDDR3 memory and another with 512MB of GDDR5. The GDDR5 variant is clocked slightly faster, with a 750MHz GPU and a memory speed of 800-900MHz, while the GDDR3 model's GPU runs at 625MHz and clocks its memory at 533-800MHz. Both versions carry a MRSP of $55.

Just yesterday we were mentioning how modern CPUs with built-in graphics cores render most sub-$70 graphics cards useless. With the new Radeon HD 6450 AMD is moving forward to keep pace. Indeed, looking at early reviews the card has no problem outpacing the Intel HD Graphics 3000 core available on Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors, but it doesn't compete very well against the closely priced GeForce GT 430 or older Radeon HD 5550.