Research In Motion (RIM) is interested in getting Hulu to work on its newly released tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Users shouldn't expect the free version of Hulu on the device, however, but rather Hulu Plus, which gives subscribers an expanded content library in the form of full seasons and more episodes of shows already available on the free version as well as allowing access to the streaming service from more devices.

"We are in conversations with Hulu to bring the Hulu Plus subscription service to BlackBerry PlayBook users," a RIM spokesperson said in a statement. Hulu has yet to comment.

Hulu blocked the BlackBerry PlayBook just one day after the device was officially released. Hulu blocks pretty much every mobile device that is ever released, and as we argued last week, the company should not do this unless it already offers Hulu Plus on said devices.

We also wondered last week whether RIM should bother to strike a deal with Hulu, given alternatives like Netflix, but it looks like the Canadian company believes so. Hulu will likely only be interested in putting Hulu Plus on the BlackBerry PlayBook if the device sells well, and right now it's too early to make that call. RIM could of course convince Hulu with an incentive.

If RIM gets its way, the BlackBerry PlayBook will join a decently long list of Hulu Plus supported platforms: Apple's iOS 4 devices, Sony's PlayStation 3, the Roku Streaming Player, WD TV Media Player, as well as Blu-ray-linked television made by Samsung, Sony, and Vizio. BlackBerry Tablet OS is QNX-based. It follows that Hulu Plus may one day find its way onto BlackBerry phones, given that BlackBerry OS will be replaced by QNX as of BlackBerry 7.