Chinese tech site MyDrivers has some early details on Zotac's upcoming premium-grade Nvidia GeForce GTX 580. Set to debut this June at Computex Taipei, the GTX 580 Extreme Edition features a custom PCB outfitted with a 16+2 phase power design, spiffy Japanese capacitors, a custom cooler as well as factory-overclocked GPU and memory frequencies.

The GF110-powered card comes with all 512 CUDA cores enabled and features an 850MHz GPU clock (up from 772MHz), 1.5GB of GDDR5 VRAM running at an effective 4400MHz (from 4008MHz), a 384-bit bus, and two-way SLI support. In addition to the stock configuration of one HDMI and two DVI ports, Zotac has added a DisplayPort output.

That's crammed onto a PCB that is reportedly half an inch shorter than the standard 10.5-inch GTX 580 reference card. Meanwhile, heat dissipation is handled by a triple-slot solution consisting of a thin plate with fins for the GDDR5 memory and VRMs, as well as a nickel-plated copper block with six 6mm heatpipes and two 120mm Titan fans for the GPU.

No word on pricing yet, but it wouldn't shock us if the card launched for a $100 premium over the stock GTX 580. In other Nvidia news, the GTX 560 is now rumored to be due on May 17. The non-Titanium card is expected to rest between the GTX 550 Ti and GTX 560 Ti with 336 CUDA cores, 56 TMUs, a 256-bit interface and 1GB of GDDR5 memory for ~$199.