With the PlayStation Network partially restored, Sony has shared further details about the compensation package promised a few weeks ago. Hoping to sooth gamers' flaring tempers, the company is offering a handful of games on the PlayStation 3 or PSP as well as subscriptions to premium services.

All PSN users will have 30 days to pick two PS3 games from a list of five: Dead Nation, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Super Stardust HD, and Wipeout HD + Fury. A similar offer stands for PSP owners, who can pick two of the following: LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers, Pursuit Force, and KillZone Liberation.

In addition to the games, Sony will provide a selection of free movie rentals for one weekend, but it hasn't announced what flicks will be offered. The company is also serving up 30 days of free PlayStation Plus membership for non-subscribers, while existing members will receive an extra 60 days of free time.

Likewise, Music Unlimited Premium Trial members will receive 30 days of subscription, while existing Music Unlimited Premium/Basic users can expect both the 30-day gratuity on top of the time lost during the outage. Sony also mentioned free PlayStation Home virtual items, including an exclusive game.

The PlayStation Network was taken offline on April 20 after hackers breached Sony's security and obtained a wealth of sensitive user information. While no person or group has taken credit for the attack, Sony blamed Anonymous in an eight-page statement to the US Congress earlier this month.

Many customers were outraged when they learned about Sony's reckless security practices, filing at least one class-action suit. Others sought greener pastures, trading their PS3 for an Xbox 360. For those of you who remained patient: is Sony's "Welcome Back" program enough to let bygones be bygones?