AMD - Llano offers 325% better graphics performance than Sandy Bridge AMD continues to ride the GPU performance before the launch of the new mid-range processor Llano. Recently leaked documents from the company points to that the Llano-based Fusion A series will offer up to 325% better graphics performance then equivalent Intel processors based on Sandy Bridge. Nordic Hardware

Jack Wolf, who did the math behind computers, dies at 76 Jack Keil Wolf, an engineer and computer theorist whose mathematical reasoning about how best to transmit and store information helped shape the digital innards of computers and other devices that power modern society, died on May 12 at his home in the La Jolla section of San Diego. He was 76. NYT

Firefox 5 beta arrives, quietly Mozilla officially activated its beta channel on Friday, providing the first beta version that comes out of its accelerated release cycle. Don't expect revolutionary changes. Following a first "fake" beta build (5.0b1) that was posted on May 2, Mozilla has moved the second build (5.0b2) into the public beta channel. ConceivablyTech

Apple alumni don't fall far from the tree After selling mobile ad startup Quattro Wireless to Apple in late 2009, Lars Albright took a job helping the iPhone maker work with its community of mobile app developers. He noticed that programmers were having trouble keeping users glued to their apps. Voilà: business opportunity. Bloomberg

IT's future: Bring your own PC-tablet-phone to work CIOs should buckle up and brace themselves for a future of flexible IT as employees will be routinely bringing in their own machines and expecting the business to support them, says Tony Henderson, head of communications at UK tech sector trade body Intellect.

Guild Wars 2 interview We've already had a lengthy chat with Guild Wars 2 designers Jon Peters and Eric Flannum about how the game's progressing but the ArenaNet devs were also kind enough to impart to us some new information on a brand new character class, the engineer. Strategy Informer

Editorial: Why Half-life 3 isn't coming soon Are you waiting for Half-life: Episode 3? Or maybe you're thinking Valve's ditched the episodic format altogether (and you'd probably be right). Regardless, don't hold your breath for a sign of life from Gordon Freeman any time soon. IGN

Google silently patches Android authentication flaw Google is implementing a server-side fix to address the authentication flaw that allows third-parties to access Android user data... eWeek

Q&A: How today's tech alienates the elderly On Silver Surfer's Day, a UK academic has blamed unnecessarily complicated user interfaces for putting older people off joining the Government-backed Race Online. PC Pro