Hulu announced today that Miramax films are coming to Hulu and the Hulu Plus subscription service. On Hulu Plus, 27 titles are available today, with hundreds more to be added steadily over the next month or so.

Hulu Plus subscribers can watch some Miramax films in HD today on their Internet-connected TV, phone, or iPad. Starting in mid-June, the company will be showcasing a selection of Miramax titles each month for free on the ad-supported Hulu service.

Last month, Netflix and Miramax announced a multi-year agreement under which Netflix members in the US will be able to instantly watch some of the motion pictures from the Miramax film library starting in June (as of today!). This is the first time Miramax titles have become available through a digital subscription service.

In the video above, Miramax CEO Michael Lang talks about how he still wants to partner with Apple, Google, and Facebook. He emphasizes that the deals his company is doing aren't exclusive. If you're considering either Netflix or Hulu, you thus shouldn't get too excited about Miramax content. That being said, if you're using either right now, you should be happy that you're getting digital access to these movies first.

The Miramax library includes a variety of films which collectively have 284 Academy Award nominations, across 83 films, with 68 wins, including the Best Picture winners The English Patient and Shakespeare in Love. Other titles include Amelie, Bad Santa, Chasing Amy, Cinema Paradiso, Clerks, Cold Mountain, From Dusk Till Dawn, Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill Volumes I and II, Muriel's Wedding, My Left Foot, The Piano, Trainspotting, Pulp Fiction, Reindeer Games, Reservoir Dogs, Sling Blade, as well as many of the Halloween, Scary Movie, Scream, and Spy Kids movies.