Grab Firefox 5 final ahead of schedule The official release date of Firefox 5 has been set to June 21, which is three days from today. If you do not want to wait until then to play around with the latest stable release of the popular web browser, you can go ahead and download the browser from the official Mozilla ftp siteGhacks

IBM didn't invent the personal computer but they don't know that While we were away, IBM celebrated its 100th birthday by claiming, among other things, to have invented the personal computer, soiling the legacy of Ed Roberts and pissing-off all real geeks in the process. Here's a video in which you'll see IBM's VP of Innovation innovating his way to this completely bogus claim at the 2:37 milepost. Cringely

Computer outage knocks United Airlines out of the sky A five-hour computer outage that virtually shut down United Airlines on Friday night and early Saturday is a stark reminder of how dependent airlines have become on technology. Passengers saw their flight information vanish from airport screens, and thousands were stranded as United canceled 31 flights and delayed 105 worldwide. Delaware Online

U.S. Senate proposes prison time for illegally streaming movies, TV Some accuse the United States federal government of being bought and paid for by the entertainment industry when it comes to copyright law. Indeed, when Barack Obama was elected president he initially promised to look into copyright reform, but since has focused his efforts almost exclusively on copyright enforcement. Daily Tech

LulzSec manifesto: "We screw each other over for a jolt of satisfaction" Why did the hackers at Lulz Security ("LulzSec") invade Sony Pictures websites, take down, and release 60,000+ e-mail addresses and passwords? For the lulz, of course – but what might look lulzy to one person could certainly enrage another. Ars Technica

How bad do we really have it? Bandwidth caps around the world Remember the days when unlimited Internet connections were just that? Unlimited? I'm not talking about a generational gap here – it seems like but a few years ago, that $40, or $60, or $80 got you true unlimited Internet. MaximumPC

With more than $70B in cash, Apple could buy Nokia, RIM, HTC & Motorola Apple's cash is expected to top $70 billion at the conclusion of its current fiscal quarter, a sum so massive it could buy out rivals Nokia, Research in Motion, HTC and Motorola Mobility, according to a new analysis. AppleInsider

".brands" approach with Internet name shake-up Brand owners will soon be able to operate their own parts of the Web – such as .apple, .coke or .marlboro – if the biggest shake-up yet in how Internet domains are awarded is approved. Reuters

iBuyPower - Erebus build Designed from the ground up for custom liquid cooling, Erebus has the ability to hold up to ten 120mm fans, four graphic cards, and more! Watch the system come to life in a high-speed video. YouTube