Google has quietly launched a website that asks "What do you love?" over at All you have to do is answer the question by putting in your query. After you click on the blue heart button (or hit enter), results start pouring in from widgets that represent what appears to be every single Google product. It's like a Google search for Google products.

The broader the search term, the better results you'll get. It's worth noting that some of the boxes (such as Calendar, Chrome, or Gmail) don't actually change very much when given different queries, but most of them are worth taking a look at. A button at the bottom of each widget takes you directly to the Google product in question. Here are my results when I put in my favorite sport:

It's not clear what Google plans to do with this website. We're willing to guess, however, that it could be Google's next major marketing push. It doesn't seem to be a functional product, nor is even a very good proof-of-concept. It's more of a website just to mess around a little, make you like Google just a little more, and realize how many different services the search giant has to offer. It's very possible that Google will start using the slogan "What do you love?" in future commercials and ads, both online and on TV.

You know what to do. Answer the question on and then tell us what you asked, and the results you got, in the comments below.