Google asks: what do you love?


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OK, I bit. I entered in "computer games" and came up with 21 different widgets. Some of them were pretty comical like "Scour the Earth for computer games on Google Earth." Others were predictable: "Watch videos of computer games on YouTube." And then a couple of interesting ones: "Find Patents about Computer Games" and "Measure Popularity of Computer Games on Trends."

(shrugs) It could be a fun little research toy depending on the subject.


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After struggling to think a love up for 5 minutes, I just settled for Metal Gear Solid.

Then my browser crashed...Seriously.


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I entered Guest, guest was all time popular April 24 - 30, 2011

Guest why has your popularity plummeted, since then?
That sounds like you're daring someone to link all the guest posts from May 1 til now, to provide an explanation. (Well, "the majority of guest posts from May 1, til now", anyway. I'm a reasonable man).


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Not impressed with the name. It should just be "google app search" or something. If I type boobies into, I should have them on my face.


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Benny26 said:
Why aren't you on IE9?
Erm....just aint got round to it yet i suppose, I'm not fully sure why.
At work we don't use IE9, and won't be updating to it for a few months. We use a bunch of software that doesn't work in IE9. Hell, we didn't upgrade to IE8 until like last winter. Although IE is basically just for the programs we need, and we have Firefox on all the computers to use for everything else.

My boss doesn't really like IE.


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Same for me, example, I just got IE8 here at work. Upgrade means tons of testing followed by a pain in the butt implementation followed by a bunch of bug fixes. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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I entered "privacy". It was quite fun to get "find privacy nearby", "scour the earth for privacy", "explore privacy in 3D". It didn't find any books about privacy, though it offered me some pictures and videos.


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Translate ?myself ? into 57 languages. Alert me about myself. Find patents about myself. Explore myself in 3D. Find myself nearby.