BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion has been under a lot of pressure lately, following its latest financial results that showed a slowdown in sales and news of delayed products as well as possible layoffs. With their first tablet device getting a lukewarm reception, it seems the company is not willing to risk another failed PlayBook launch for now, and as such has cancelled development on its 10-inch variant to focus on an upcoming QNX-based "superphone."

This according to BlackBerry enthusiast site N4BB, which claims the phone in question will include a large 4.3-inch HD-quality display and the same single-core, 1.2GHz processor as the Bold 9900, since the dual-core TI OMAP 4430 on the PlayBook might be too battery hungry for the device. Keep in mind that this is still just a rumor. Previously, company representatives have stated that a QNX-powered handset won't hit the market without a dual-core CPU inside.

RIM has been criticized for putting a lot of their resources on the PlayBook, rushing to get an iPad competitor into the market, while leaving their profitable smartphone business on a lesser priority. With this it appears the company wants to shift some of the focus back into the smartphone game, where Android and iOS get most of the attention these days.

That doesn't mean the Canadian firm is abandoning their tablet plans entirely, though. Their 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook will continue to be available and its 4G LTE variant is reportedly targeted for an October launch.