A decade ago, custom heatsinks and liquid cooling solutions were all the rage among techies. While overclockers and other such performance junkies still commonly purchase aftermarket coolers, they seem less popular among your average system builder these days. Today's processors are more power efficient than ever and they ship with adequate air coolers, while full blown liquid cooling loops are generally more hassle than they're worth for most power users.

Considering the interest expressed in Sandia's rotating heatsink concept, we're wondering how many of you use custom coolers. My Thermaltake Tai-Chi shipped with internal liquid cooling when I bought it in 2005, but I eventually scrapped that for the Thermalright Ultra-120, and that was later shelved in favor of the Core i5-750's stock HSF. As always, you're welcome to flaunt your rig in the comments and feel free to use our gallery if you need an image host.

**Image via Desktopped.com.