Although many of you are undoubtedly still chapped about EA not offering Battlefield 3 through Steam, we imagine most hardcore FPS gamers will stop at nothing to get their mitts on the title when it launches on October 25. If you haven't crossed the shooter off your list of must-haves, you should definitely check out the fresh gameplay footage posted online this week.

The unofficial clips show more than 15 minutes of multiplayer combat from a prerelease build. In other words, they've been "leaked," so we wouldn't be surprised if EA has them yanked. Although there's probably only a limited window to savor that forbidden fruit, the publisher has just released a minute-long multiplayer trailer that you'll have all the time in the world to ogle.

Battlefield 3 SDCC 2011 Operation Metro Gameplay Trailer

In addition to the new videos, EA has shared a few morsels about Battlefield 3's social networking and statistics platform. Although we've long known about the the military shooter's "Battlelog," the service was further exposed by a couple of leaked screenshots last week. EA has since confirmed that those images were legitimate and has posted some more shots on its blog.

The company said that Battlelog will make Battlefield 3 a more social experience than previous iterations by changing how gamers communicate, play, compete and share content with their friends across all computing platforms, including handsets. One of the screenshots in particular shows a real-time "Battlefeed" that will display status updates – not unlike Facebook.