Despite the growing number of smartphones and tablets that are capable of streaming online video content, the majority of Netflix and Hulu users still stream to a TV screen or a computer. A new Nielsen survey that polled 12,000 streaming customers reveals a lot about how users connect to these services and the type of content that is being viewed.

Watching directly on a computer is the most popular method that customers use each service, with 42 percent of Netflix users and 89 percent of Hulu subscribers falling in this group. Game consoles are also very popular with video streamers. Half of all Netflix users in the study log in using a Wii, PS3 or Xbox. Only three percent of subscribers use a mobile phone or iPad to watch programming. Users were allowed to choose multiple viewing methods to best reflect their watching habits.

Even more interesting is the type of content that respondents are viewing from each site. According to the survey, over 50 percent of Netflix customers use the service strictly for watching movies, while only 11 percent of those questioned watch television shows exclusively. This is in stark contrast to Hulu users, where the majority polled, a staggering 73 percent, only use the service for television shows.

Do you subscribe to either of these online streaming services?  If so, does this data accurately reflect your watching habits?