Server virtualization is currently one of the most significant technology trends in IT. Managing server hardware and software as separate infrastructure components can make it possible to significantly improve data center operating efficiencies.

With purpose-built solutions powered by Intel 2nd Gen Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors, Dell minimizes the cost and complexity that often accompany virtualization. The performance of Dell PowerEdge servers and EqualLogic storage meets the demanding CPU, memory and I/O requirements for running multiple applications in a virtualized environment, including I/O-intensive database applications.

Applications and data are processed in exactly the same way as in the physical environment, using the same operating system facilities for making system requests. The only difference is that the operating system is now a virtualized guest running in a virtual system environment.

Why Virtualize?

  • Many small physical servers are replaced by one larger physical server to increase the utilization of costly hardware resources such as CPU.
  • A virtual machine can be more easily controlled and inspected from outside than a physical one, and its configuration is more flexible.
  • Virtual machine files can be transparently migrated from one server hardware platform to another, giving administrators the ability to allocate and shift physical server resources in response to changes in application workloads.
  • Because of the easy relocation, virtual machines can be used in disaster recovery scenarios.

Key highlights of Dell's virtualization technologies

  • The FlexMem Bridge technology, a Dell's exclusive, enables access of up to 32 DIMM slots --- double the memory capacity with no additional processor cost.
  • Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays can go from box to operating SAN in minutes, with a wizard-based GUI
    that integrates easily into the Ethernet backbone of the virtual infrastructure.
  • By incorporating server management, disaster recovery and storage provisioning, Dell drives complexity out of virtualization with business-ready configurations --- complete solutions for virtualization that include servers, storage, networking and software --- all qualified and supported as a single, complete solution.
  • Dell PowerEdge servers offer big improvements on industry standard performance per watt benchmarks, as much as 200 percent better in some cases, over the previous generation.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Dell, as part of their promotion for virtualization-ready Dell PowerEdge servers powered by Intel Xeon and Intel Core vPro processors.