Logitech has officially slashed the price of the Logitech Revue to $100 on its own website, and retailers have thus closely followed suit. Just three months ago, we noted that Amazon had cut the price of the device from $300 to $200. At this rate, the peripheral giant will be giving away the Revue for free before the end of the year (of course we're just kidding).

At the same time, Logitech has confirmed again that when Google TV version 2 goes live later this summer, all new and existing Logitech Revue users will automatically receive the update, which is built on Android 3.1 (codenamed Honeycomb). Google is hoping the update will give its platform a much-needed boost, but until then, it appears that sales expectations are still low. This (second) price cut for the Revue is a clear indication of that.

Google's partners are having trouble pushing Google TV as many consumers are finding the platform too complicated to use. For consumers, the update means that a simplified user experience and the Android Market is coming to their TV. For developers, the update means being able to use one SDK to ship apps that work both on Android tablets and on Google TV.

Google has hinted that new hardware from Samsung and Vizio is also coming, but hasn't shared further details. The two were rumored to have Google TV product announcements set for CES 2011, but those plans collapsed, and some even claimed Google was the one that delayed the products. Either way, there will soon be four hardware vendors for Google TV: Logitech, Sony, Samsung, and Vizio.