Nvidia has published the first WHQL-endorsed 280 family GeForce driver, covering owners of GeForce 6 through 500 series graphics cards. Version 280.26 is comprised of various updates, though it seems very little has been touched from last month's 280.19 beta release. Instead, most of the changes are exclusive to the 280 series drivers, making today's release more geared toward folks who are still running the 275 family or earlier.

The only noteworthy change between 280.19 and 280.26 appears to be the resolution of a multi-GPU issue in Crysis 2 – GeForce 500 series owners should no longer experience screen flickering when playing in two-way SLI or ghosting in three-way SLI. However, users upgrading from the 275 versions stand to gain a myriad of bug fixes across various card generations in single and multi-GPU configurations in games and other software.

As with other recent GeForce drivers, the latest release contains the latest 3D Vision Controller driver, so you don't have to install it separately. The 280 family adds support for YouTube 3D content as well as new 3D Vision-related hardware, including a monitor, three projectors and over a dozen notebooks. You'll also find new 3D Vision profiles for around 30 games, including some upcoming titles such as Dead Island, Rage, and L.A. Noire. You can read the full release notes here (again, the 280.19 section contains most of the noteworthy information).

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