Work is already underway on the successors to AMD's C-Series (codenamed Ontario) and E-Series (codenamed Zacate) APUs, and though we won't see the new chips until sometime in 2012 the first details are already starting to trickle out. According to leaked slides obtained by Turkish website DonanimHaber the upcoming Deccan platform -- a follow-up to Brazos for low power devices like netbooks and tablets -- will consist of the 28nm Wichita and Krishna APUs.

These chips will pack up to four Bobcat (x86-64) cores, an integrated memory controller and Radeon discrete-class graphics with DirectX 11 and UVD3 support. AMD is promising up to 20 percent higher processing power, over 25 percent higher graphics performance and up to 30 percent higher compute performance.

Both Wichita and Krishna will use a new FT2 socket as AMD is also cramming the 'Yuba' FCH (Fusion Controller Hub) into the same piece of silicon, making this more of a SoC solution. The Deccan platform will feature up to 2MB of L2 cache, new APM Bi-Directional Turbo Core feature, support for DDR3-1600 memory (including ultra low voltage DDR3 memory) and I/O options such as HDMI, SATA and USB 3.0 / 2.0 ports.

At this point it's unclear exactly when AMD is planning to launch Deccan, though rumors say the new platform might show up sometime around the end of the second quarter in 2012.