The second quarter of the year saw some 16.1 million discrete graphics cards shipped worldwide, according to the latest numbers from Jon Peddie Research. This figure represents a 15.2% drop from the 19.03 million recorded in the previous quarter, which is in line with the typical seasonal drop for the period.

In terms of market share, the drop in shipments didn't affect the position of main players Nvidia and AMD, who saw only a slight change in their respective share. The former still has a sizable lead over AMD, with a drop of 0.1% from Q1 to 59%, while the red team is holding on to a 40.6% market share after gaining 0.1% sequentially. Other smaller manufacturers, like Matrox and S3, grabbed the remaining 0.4% of the pie.

Vendor Q2 2011 Share Q1 2011 Share Qtr-Qtr Growth Q2 2010 Share Yr-Yr Growth
AMD 40.6% 40.5% 0.1% 41.4% -0.8%
Nvidia 59.0% 59.1% -0.1% 57.9% 1.1%
Others 0.4% 0.4% 0.0% 0.7% -0.3%

JPR expects total revenue from discrete graphics to be a whopping 33% lower this year than the last, largely due to the increasingly speedy integrated graphics built into AMD's and Intel's latest mainstream processors.

Note that these numbers only concern discrete graphics card shipments, which is why you don't see Intel listed in the chart above. JPR published results for combined discrete and integrated graphics shipments earlier this month, showing an above-average increase in second quarter shipments of 6.3% sequentially. Unsurprisingly, Intel maintaines its dominant position here with 54.7% market share, AMD followed at 24.7% and Nvidia at 19.9%.