Google's rapid release schedule has continued this week as Chrome versions 15 and 16 hit the beta and dev channels a mere week after the first stable build of Chrome 14. Available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, the Chrome 15 beta brings a redesigned New Tab page that should make it easier to manage your apps, bookmarks and most visited sites.

You can drag and drop apps to rearrange them, create new sections with custom names and delete apps by dragging them into a trash can on the bottom right of the page. You can easily navigate between the various sections (Most visted, Apps and Bookmarks by default) and Chrome will remember your selection the next time you open a new tab.

Additionally, Chrome Web Store items can now be installed inline by their verified site, Omnibox History can be synced alongside your other browser data with Google Sync, and the Javascript Fullscreen API is now enabled by default. There doesn't seem to be much else in the way of new features. You can rummage through the SVN revision log here.

Meanwhile, Chrome 16 dev (Windows, Mac OS) enables the long-awaited multi-user feature by default, which allows you to switch between various in-browser user profiles. The prerelease build also contains an updated V8 engine ( and various bug fixes, but you'll probably want to wait until it reaches beta before using it as your primary browser.