Comcast is working on a tablet app for Xfinity customers that would allow them to stream live television to select tablets. The app was originally announced by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts in January at the annual Citi Conference for Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications.

The service will require proprietary hardware from the cable provider and as such, will only work on your home network, as first reported by Mac Rumors. The site acquired a leaked photo detailing the device which will be called AirPlay. The unit will connect to your home wireless network and allow you to stream live TV to one tablet at a time, although you can register up to 10 tablets with the service.

There is no mention on which tablets are supported but Mac Rumors seems to think the iPad will be one of them. The slide doesn't reveal when the service will launch or how much it might cost but we do know that subscribers will be able to stream all television services with the exception of On Demand programming and Pay-Per-View purchases.

In the interim, Comcast customers can use the currently-available Xfinity TV app to watch On Demand programming, schedule DVR recordings and search channel listings. Other television apps like the NBC, TBS and TNT ones that we highlighted last week allow you to watch On Demand programming as well, but you can only unlock full content in these appls if they are part of your cable package.

Comcast and Panasonic announced a portable DVR called AnyPlay at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show but the device never made it to market.