A leaked AMD roadmap, dated July 2011, is doing the rounds online with details about Llano's mobile successor in 2012 and offering a peek at the company's 2013 Fusion plans. According to the slides posted at the 3DCenter forum, AMD's upcoming 'Trinyty' APU could swing into production as early as January and will be following the same A8/A6/A4 classification system as Llano but adding a new variant called the E2.

Trinity APUs will arrive as part of the Comal notebook platform and initially they'll co-exist with the current Sabine platform powered by Llano chips. Furthermore, AMD's existing A60M and A70M Fusion Controller Hubs (FCH) will continue to be the base for new Trinity chips, meaning the refresh will be a drop-in upgrade for existing notebook designs.

The mainstream parts will come with a graphics refresh codenamed London and will swap the "Husky" cores for "Piledriver" cores, which are enhanced variants of the new 32nm Bulldozer core found on the upcoming FX Series for desktops. The roadmap also indicates  that performance Trinity APUs will ship with 35W and 45W TDPs.

Coexisting with the lower-end Trinity APUs will be Wichita, which along with Krishna they will be part of the Deccan platform, replacing Brazos' Zacate and Ontario chips respectively. They are slated for a Q2 2012 launch and will also sell alongside the previous models for one quarter, sharing the same E-Series and C-Series brand names.

The graphics core for Wichita and Krishna will be the same as for Trinity – though we assume a toned-down version – and the chips will utilize a new FCH called Yuba, which incorporates two SATA 6Gbps ports, two USB 3.0 ports, 10 USB 2.0 ports, 4 PCI Express x1 lanes, a built in SDHC controller and various other basic chipset features.

In the ultra low power segment AMD is releasing Hondo, which is a successor to Desna featuring two Bobcat cores and Loveland graphics, while bringing the power consumption down from 5.9W to 4.5W. The Hondo APU will be part of the Brazos T platform aimed at tablets and will also use a new Fusion Controller Hubs dubbed A55T. The latter is a small and simplified FCH with a single SATA port, SDIO support and eight USB 2.0 ports.

The roadmap also contains some details of what AMD is planning for 2013. Without delving into details, the slides say Trinity APUs will be replaced by Kaveri APUs featuring Steamroller CPU cores and an unknown graphics core. Kabini replaces Wichita and Krishna APUs in the mainstream/low-end segments, featuring get three Jaguar cores, while the tablet-oriented Samara replaces Hondo featuring Jaguar CPU cores and an integrated Salton chipset.

Needless to say a lot of this probably isn't set in stone and will depend on AMD's ability to meet its targets.