Mozilla has released the final build of Firefox 7.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux today. The latest stable release is said to correct an issue that has plagued the browser over the past several iterations, resulting in a faster and more responsive web experience.

Firefox has been plagued with memory leak issues for years and the team at Mozilla finally addressed this in Firefox 7. MemShrink is an initiative that began in June to eradicate the browser's memory inconsistencies.

One aspect of MemShrink is better Javascript garbage collection. It's said to work more frequently now and should free up more memory when multiple tabs are open. This also means you can leave the browser running in the background and it will automatically free up unused memory, something that many previous versions were not capable of.

Users should expect Firefox 7 to be more stable than previous releases. This has to do with fewer OOMs, whether due to address space exhaustion or otherwise. This will result in fewer crashes due to mishandling of OOM or aborts.

Mozilla developer Nicholas Nethercote claims that Firefox 7 uses less memory than the past three versions, between 20 and 50 percent less in some instances.

Other minor changes include dropping https:// from the awesome bar and shading the sub-domain section of a URL a lighter grey. Firefox Sync now processes password and bookmark changes faster as well.

You can download a copy of Firefox 7 by clicking here. More adventurous users can try Firefox Aurora v8 or Firefox v9 (Nightly) although these are only recommended for experienced users or developers.