Amazon Wireless is offering all Verizon Wireless phones (minus the iPhone) for one penny to new subscribers who sign up for a standard two year service agreement. The promotion runs through October 17 while supplies last and includes free two-day shipping.

As of writing, there are 31 phones listed on Amazon's site that qualify for the promotion and not all of them are low end models. The Motorola Droid 2, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and the HTC ThunderBolt 4G all retail for at least $599 without contract. If Android isn't your flavor, there are nearly half a dozen BlackBerry phones to choose from such as the Curve 9330 and the Storm2 9550.

If you are already under contract with Verizon, you won't qualify for the penny pricing but you may still be eligible for a reasonable discount over regular upgrade pricing.

The promotion is the latest in a series of iPhone 4S hijacking attempts that we have seen leading up to Apple's launch tomorrow. Samsung has taken to the streets by renting a pop-up store just meters away from an Apple retail store in Sydney, Australia. The Korean tech company is offering their Galaxy S II smartphone for only $2 to the first 10 people in line each day. Samsung employees have even been urging those in line for the iPhone to switch lines.

Either way, one penny or $2 for a high-end smartphone is hard to pass on, even for faithful Apple customers. Will you be taking advantage of the Amazon deal, or perhaps the Samsung offer if you live in Sydney?