Samsung has taken their ongoing court battle with Apple to the streets, literally. The Korean tech conglomerate has installed a pop-up store just meters away from an Apple store in Sydney, Australia in hopes of luring potential iPhone 4S customers with a deal that's difficult to pass up, even for diehard Cupertino followers.

The Next Web reports that Samsung is two doors down from Apple's store and their line is longer than the iPhone 4S queue. Samsung has even gone as far as to approach those in line at Apple's store in an effort to convince them to swap lines.

Samsung is offering the Galaxy S II handset for only $2 to the first 10 people in line each day. The event is planned to last one week which would equate to 50 to 70 phones being made available, depending on their definition of a week. Engadget notes that the $2 price tag doesn't include a contract, although we couldn't verify that through any other sources.

Apple has successfully blocked the sale of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Australia. Samsung offered Apple a settlement earlier this month to end their patent dispute but Cupertino declined. The company has said that they will likely discontinue plans to sell the tab down under if the issues with Apple can't be resolved.

Samsung and Google postponed the unveiling of the much-anticipated Nexus Prime smartphone last week out of respect for the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.