According to a report published today by analysts Screen Digest (spotted at the Inq), videogames are selling faster than ever before. Figures indicate a 30% increase in sales compared to a year ago...

According to a the report, games for consoles, Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft XBox have already sold 30 per cent more than the previous generation of gaming technology at the equivalent point in time.

And, in the UK, spending on the leisure software market in 2002 was double the size of the British video rental market and 1.4 times more than cinema box office spending. Games hardware sales in 2002 were also up 44 per cent, to 3.3 million units in the 12-month period.

Unfortunately the article doesn't make any mention of PC game sales, now if you ask me, I'd have to say consoles have been getting most of the attention lately with its tremendous market growth. This isn't entirely bad for us (PC gamers and users alike), PC sales overall remain solid though marginal growth has slowed down considerably.