You might recall Sony's announcement a few weeks ago indicating they would stop producing CRT monitors (except 22"+ models) and replacing their whole line up with LCD Flat Panels, and for a reason.

Today, ZDNet is reporting that for the first time in history sales of flat-panel monitors are about to overtake those of traditional CRT monitors, a rising trend among new PC buyers...

Shipments of flat panel monitors has been approximately doubling every year since 2000, leading to shortages in early 2002. Toward the middle of that year, however, supplies began to creep up and prices began to drop again.

Monitor sizes will on average also increase. The most common LCD monitors today come with 15-inch screens. In 2005, 17-inch screens will become the norm.

Hmm... I thought 17" monitors were the norm already, I guess there is a lot of people using older monitors still. As a point of reference, about 50% of TS readers use 1024x768 screen resolution, then 18% use 800x600 & 1280x1024 (each). Which makes me wonder, the most recent version of the frontpage isn't optimized for low resolutions (800 and below) any users out there having a hard time reading?