ExoPC has released a teaser video for the upcoming ExoPC Interactive Desk, tentatively known as the EXOdesk. The device is a 40-inch multitouch desktop surface that is designed to work alongside, or in front of, your current PC display.

If you're thinking the EXOdesk sounds a lot like the Microsoft Surface SUR40 that was made available for pre-order last week, you're not far off. There is one big difference, however, and that is the price tag. ExoPC's product is only $1299 whereas Redmond is asking a cool $8400 for their unit.

We don't know a whole lot about the EXOdesk just yet other than what we can gather from the teaser video. In the clip, we see a few custom wallpapers and a user launching apps from a personalized app launcher that can be moved to either side of the desk.

The user is then able to swipe from the left edge of the screen to reveal a timeline that shows various things like RSS feeds, tweets, alerts and what appears to be either recently-visited websites or bookmarks. Swiping each tab to the left removes the menu item from the list.

Next we see our demo leader swipe down from the top to reveal an expandable row of apps. He taps on one and a full-screen interactive piano is ready to play.

The clip ends here by revealing a 2012 launch window and the aforementioned price of $1299. We expect to see more of ExoPC's EXOdesk at CES 2012 in January.