EXOdesk: The working man's Microsoft Surface

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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ExoPC has released a teaser video for the upcoming ExoPC Interactive Desk, tentatively known as the EXOdesk. The device is a 40-inch multitouch desktop surface that is designed to work…

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IT Overlord
This type of tech was availabe in 2001 or so, Apple had a version of it.
Nice to see its finally coming to mainstream users.

I can't imagine what Uncle Sam is using now to spy on us!


TS Enthusiast
It looks okay. I have a couple of problems with it.

I am a keyboard player, so I was interested when I noticed the grand piano. However, playing the keys on such a device can't be that much fun. There is no way to get velocity sensitivity, to be sure, so you're relegated to using some ancillary control to change velocity.

The other problem is that you are looking DOWN all the time. My neck would end up with a major dent in it after having been sitting there for about five minutes.

Finally, $1295? Seriously. I can get a nicer MIDI keyboard for less than half that, with REAL keys and REAL controls on it. I know, I know... it looks like Hitman: Silent Assassin and all of that, but geez! Who is going to shell out that kind of cash?

Not me, for certain...


i sure would it looks like something cool to play around with and yea you are correct in your opinions but for some the surface is comfortable and the neck dilemma you mentioned is here to stay for anything from a laptop to cell phones there has been reports of neck injury from keeping your head at that angle for a period of time but like i said before i would buy this if i don't like it i'm pretty sure my tech hungry sister would love it as a gift