AMD has quietly added seven new products to its A-Series of APUs for notebooks. These are all 32nm parts and likely represent the last refresh of Llano on laptops before Trinity arrives in the first half of 2012 -- or 28nm die shrinks of current Ontario/Zacate products if the latest rumors hold true. Most of the new models bring 100MHz frequency increments over their predecessors, while the built-in GPU remains unchanged.

In total there are four quad-cores between A8- and A6-Series APUs and three A4-Series dual-cores. From top to bottom, the A8-3550MX supersedes the A8-3530MX clocked at 2.0GHz, or up to 2.7GHz in Turbo mode, maintaining the same 45W power envelope and 4MB L2 cache. The A8-3520M is now the top 35W APU, replacing the A8-A3500M with 1.6GHz-2.5GHz clock speeds and the same specs otherwise.

Then there's the A6-3430MX and A6-3420M, taking over the A6-3410MX and A6-3400M with a 100MHz speed bump, and the A4-3330MX and A4-3320M bringing a similar improvement over the A4-3310MX and A4-3300M, respectively. Lastly, the only new product not following the  pattern is the A4-3305M, which features a 1,9GHz clock speed, only 1 MB L2 cache, and the number of shaders on its GPU was cut to 160.

There is still no word on pricing or launch dates, but we'll probably see them in notebooks within weeks. Detailed specifications of all new processors are provided in the table below:

Source: CPU World