Intel is reportedly set to discontinue their LGA 1366 and LGA 1156 line of processors in 2012 to make way for new CPUs set to launch next year.

Processors reaching end-of-life status include the Core i7-930, i7-950, i7-960, i7-980 and i7-990X on the LGA 1366 platform. LGA 1156 chips getting the axe include the Pentium G6950 and G6960 as well as the Core i3-540, i5-650, i5-660, i5-670, i5-680, i7-860 and i7-870 parts.

Intel introduced the first Core i7 CPU requiring a Socket 1366 motherboard in November 2008. The power-hungry platform has represented Intel’s high-end desktop solution ever since, even surpassing the leaner Sandy Bridge models in terms of sheer performance. LGA 1366 was replaced by LGA 2011 on November 14, supporting Sandy Bridge E-series processors with four memory channels. LGA 2011 will also be backwards compatible with future Ivy Bridge E models.

LGA 1156 was introduced in 2009 as a more budget-friendly platform, working in conjunction with select Core i3, i5 and i7 chips. Intel removed one of the memory controllers and replaced the high bandwidth QPI link with a slower DMI chip-to-chip interconnect to keep costs down. LGA 1156 was relatively short-lived as it was effectively replaced with LGA 1155 and compatible Sandy Bridge processors.

Intel’s next chip refresh, codenamed Ivy Bridge, is expected in early 2012 and features a 22nm die shrink of Sandy Bridge. These chips will be backwards-compatible with current LGA 1155 platforms but will require a BIOS update from the motherboard manufacturer.

45nm LGA 1366 and 32nm LGA 1156 boxed parts will be available for order until June 29, 2012. Tray SKUs will be available until December 7, 2012 or until supplies are depleted.