Apple's Asian part suppliers believe the secretive company is gearing up to releases its latest iPad in a mere three to four months. According to Digitimes' sources, iPad 2 production is beginning to ramp down while parts for a new tablet have begun to make their way through the supply chain.

This release date conveniently coincides with the spring precedent already set by two previous iPad launches. Although Digitimes frequently hits the proverbial nail on its head, they miss it just about as much. In other words, the information is likely solid but you probably should not plan your wedding day around the iPad 3 launch.

Also, according to Apple's supply chain partners, production of the new iPad is expected to weigh in at just under 10 million units during Q1 of next year. That is a substantial number, most likely due an expectation that original iPad owners will upgrade to Apple's latest tablet offering. Conversely, iPad 2 production is expected to drop to 4-5 million for Q1 of 2012, the implication being that sales will be cannibalized by the iPad 3.

Sales reports for the first three quarters of 2011 show iPad sales have already topped 25 million units. That number is expected to increase about 60% before the end of Q4, totaling an impressive 40 million Apple tablets sold this year alone.

The latest iPad is thought to finally include a "Retina" display with a pixel density similar to recent iPhones. That means the iPad 3 may sport a 9.7 inch display running at a drool-worthy 2048x1536 resolution. There is little else known about the device thus far, but you can bet TechSpot will keep you apprised.